Mark A. Lagace

In loving memory of Mark A. Lagace, August 2, 2020:

A close family friend wrote this message to us and we would like to share it with you as it embodies our feelings for Mark

“Mark was such a good, caring, helpful, loving and kind person.  It is so sad that every day of his life was a struggle.  He was so strong and courageous, so giving of himself to others and never letting his hardship stop him from being the wonderful human being he was.  We grieve together for a beautiful wonderful, amazing human being.  He is in heaven and beyond pain and regrets.  He is in God’s embrace.  He deserves more praise for his courage and his generosity and caring for others in spite of his constant struggles.”

Because Mark and his late wife, Melissa were cat lovers, taking in strays and making them part of their family, we ask that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to The Cat Connection:”