Hershell R. Hughes

Hershell R. Hughes was born in Lamesa, Texas on May 11, 1937 to Harry Hughes and Essie Medlin Hughes. His parents wanted a child later in their lives so they delayed the empty nest syndrome for a while longer. He was born 9 years after his brother, Lewie.

He passed away on April 6, 2018 at the home of his son, Jesse and family.

He graduated from Seminole High School and from Texas Tech College in Lubbock. He worked as a computer programmer in San Angelo, TX for 7 years, in Midland, TX, for a year, and in Oklahoma City until his retirement.

He was a Cub Scout leader and and a Boy Scout leader and very involved with activities with his sons. Hershell attended Church on the Rock in Oklahoma City and was an active member of the church as a small group leader and then as an Elder over other group leaders. He worked with the Hugs Project, which provided cooling ties, food, and supplies to our troops who were battling overseas in dangerous areas.

Hershell was preceded in death by his parents, and sisters, Edith Fair and Sally Chandler.  Survivors include his wife of 56 years, Helen, son and daughter-in-law, Lyle and Gail, of Chandler, OK, son and daughter-in-law Lee and Susie of Irving, TX, and son and daughter-in-law, Jesse and Ling of Milton, MA; grandchildren Zachary Hughes of Irving, TX and Quincy Hughes of Milton, MA and his brother, Lewie of Hico, TX.

Hershell loved the outdoors.  He lived and worked in the city, but got outdoors as often as he could. He grew up on a farm in Seminole, TX, and his love of the outdoors began there. He was an avid hunter and also loved to fish.

Words that describe him are kind, trustworthy, forgiving, generous, slow to anger, and he was a man who did his best to live a Christian life.  Although he was often quiet, people were drawn to him because he was always smiling.  Young men and boys who were fatherless were especially drawn to him.  His faith and his love for his family were important to him.

A family service was held in Milton on April 10, 2018.  A memorial service will be held at Church on the Rock in Oklahoma City.  The date has not been set.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be sent to The Hugs Project, 720 West Wilshire #105, Oklahoma City, OK 74116.