Samantha Grace Baker

Purple LilacsSamantha Grace Baker was born sleeping on May 8th, 2015. My husband, Chris, and I feel so blessed and proud to be her mommy and daddy and we’d like to share a few things about her.

It’s so difficult to put into words who Samantha Grace was to us. First and foremost, she was the love of our lives. And our hearts will forever belong to her. But she was more than that. She was her own person and she had her own personality. She loved Chipotle and her daddy’s chicken and rice dinner. We know this because I craved it when she was inside of me. She loved the beach. We know this because she was so active in my belly when we took her to Grand Cayman this past winter. She was a typical girl who liked to give her mommy a hard time. We know this because, boy, she made me work for her during this pregnancy. She loved to play hide-and-go-seek. We know this because she would kick me a few times and then disappear, leaving her daddy and I to try to find her. She had her daddy wrapped around her finger before she was even here. We know this because he catered to me hand and foot to make sure I was getting enough rest for Sam. She loved the warm weather. We know this because she came to us on one of the most beautiful days of the year. Her favorite flowers are lilacs. We know this because when we came home from the hospital, the lilac trees in our backyard were suddenly in full bloom. She was beautiful. We know this because the first words that her daddy cried when she came out of me were, “Oh, she is so beautiful!” She is in good hands up in Heaven. We know this because her daddy’s father has undoubtedly been taking her to the Wendy’s in Heaven and my father has been teaching her gymnastics and soccer. Samantha Grace was utterly and completely perfect. We know this because it simply couldn’t be any other way.

It’s not enough to say that Chris and I love our precious Samantha Grace.  There simply are no words. Only very real feelings that are being poured out of us. I told Chris that I felt like we were two desperate mama and papa whales sending out distress signals to find our baby. And the reason why this hurts so much is that our love can’t find its target so it just lingers out there in the world. There’s no reflection back. But Chris said that wasn’t true. That our love for her and her love for us are all intertwined and reflecting off of each other. So when Chris and I feel this insanely strong love for each other, it’s really Samantha’s love for us that we’re radiating onto each other.

So I suppose that means we know two more things about Sam. She loves her daddy so very much. And we know this because I love him so very much. And Samantha loves me deeply. Because I can feel how her daddy loves me deeply.

Samantha Grace, you touched so many lives in this world in such a short time. Your daddy and I love you so so much and miss you more than words could ever say. Rest in peace, our little angel.