Antonio Lobos Barros

Antonio Lobo Barros,  better known as Antonio among his friends and “Pai” by his daughters ‘was born on November 30, 1944 in Sumbango, Cape Verde Fogo.  The son of Jamie Lobo de Barros and Virginia Lopes.  Antonio was a fighter; he fought strongly against cancer for some for some time and finally succumbed to this terrible disease on the afternoon of June 28, 2014 at 1:25 PM surround by his family.

In 1968, Antonio immigrated to Angola to seek a better opportunity for himself and  his family.  He was able to find a job as a restaurant  manager and a farmer group leader.  He always found a way to help those in need with the products he had access to.  He fulfilled the ability to work hard and support his relatives back in Cape Verde.  Antonio returned to Cape Verde in 1975 due to civil war in Angola, he brought with him his wife and two daughters, Antonia and Filipa.

Antonio did not give up his struggles, for he saw that in spite of the difficult  situation in Angola, he had the opportunity to work.  Antonio returned to Angola two years later and had the opportunity to continue working.  Again, he had the chance to send money to support his family.  When talking to close friends about his life’s experience in Angola he always mentioned how hard he worked to support his family “Nka dexa nada falta na casa”  meaning “I always made sure they did not lack anything at home.”

His daughters always said that their father treated them well and they even had food to share with other in need back in Cape Verde.

In 1983 Antonio immigrated to the  United States of America, established his residence in Dorchester  after he worked for a few years he married his wife, Luiza Barros, and had their daughter, Heaven L. Barros.  His family faithfully stood by him during his time of sickness.

Antonio liked to play “bisca” with friends and refreshed himself with a few beers during summer time.  At his residence’s front porch , he always had friends who came to talk and “play bisca”.

He enjoyed giving rides to people who had no means of getting to food pantries.  The people he helped greatly regret his departure.  Most importantly his daughters agree that he left a positive influence.

They also agree that he was a meek, humble man who suffered quietly, without complaining, because he didn’t want to bring sadness to his family and friends.  That’s how Antonio was, he did not like to bother poeple, but he liked to help others when asked.

Antonio is survived by his wife, Luiza Barros, and daughters; Virginia R. Barros Piers, Antonia R. Barros, Maria Filipa Barros DePina, Eugenia R. Barros, Virginia Ilda Barros, Maria Amelia Barros, Yolanda Miguel Barros and Heaven L. Barros.  Grandchildren; Leslie Barros DePina, Antony Barros Correia, Natalie Barros Correia,  Anilton Barros Correia, Zeyvon R. Alves, Joshua Barros DePina, Jason Barros, Gevauhn Clark, Waine Pascoal, Geniah Barros Pires, Mila Barros Rodrigues.  and great grand child; Aalyah Jade Correia.

Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated on Thursday, July 3 at 10:00 in St. Patrick Church,  400 Dudley St. Roxbury.  Interment New Calvary Cemetery, Mattapan.