Robert B. Seidman

RobertBenjamin, passed away at his home in Milton, MA on April 3. Born February 24, 1920, Professor Seidman was the much loved husband of Ann Seidman; father of Jonathan, Judy, Katha, Gay and Neva; father-in-law of Christine, Zeph, Heinzand Tom; and  beloved grandfather and great-grandfather.  He was Professor of Law and Political Science at Boston University from 1974 to 2013. In the course of his career  he also taught at the University of Wisconsin Law School, as well as law schools in Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Beijing. With  Ann Seidman, an economist, he taught short courses in law and development and legislative drafting around the world, from Bhutan to South Africa, and contributed to constitutional drafting in Namibia, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan. Before becoming an academic, he practiced as an attorney in Connecticut and New York.   In World War II, he served in the Coast Guard (seconded to the US Navy), earning a commendation ribbon as captain of an LST. He studied at Ethical Culture, Fieldston, Harvard and Columbia. He was a passionate sailor, aficionado of bad jokes, and insightful theorist of legislative drafting and jurisprudence.   A family funeral will be held on April 6 2014.   The date of a public memorial will be announced soon.  In lieu of flowers, donations may be sent to the International Consortium for Law and Development (ICLAD.